Montana Memory Project - Adding Items to a Personal Collection

Montana History Portal - Adding Items to a Personal Collection

Personal Collections are a great way to organize and save your research on the Montana History Portal.
You can add items to a collection, and organize multiple collections to cover a variety of topics.
Any time you log back into the site, your items will be saved, organized, and ready to view. 

If you have not already, make sure to register for an account on the Montana Memory Project (Portal) site.

For instructions to help you do this please see the Initial Set-up Guide
Once logged in to your account on the Portal the My Collection section will become available on the left-hand side of the page. 

Using the My Collection feature:
Search for an item in the Portal
For a guide to help make the most of your search please see Searching in the Montana History Portal

Click the item to select it and open the description page. (Shown below) 
To the left of a document there is a star icon that users may click to add the document to My Collection.

From here you can save the item by clicking on the My Collection button on the sidebar.

The My Collection button will open a section in the Portal - set aside just for you:

This is where items can be saved and collections can be built, organized and removed.
The left side of the screen with a red circle around a button that says My Collection.

Your saved item will remain in your private collection. 

Organize the items in your collection: 

The My Collection section of the MHP
click the Start a new collection button under the Organise section of the page.
 We know about the spelling in this area. The platform for this software is out of New Zealand and they spell Organize a little differently than what you may be used to.
Give your collection a name and click Create. 

Use the drop down menu under the All items in my bookmarks section of the page to select the collection.

If there is more than one collection they will all appear in the drop down menu.
To add an item to a collection check the box next to it. 

Click Add checked items to collection to save them in your collection.

Moving items:

Check the box next to the item.
Select a different heading from the dropdown.
Click Add checked items to collection.

Remove items from your collection:

Check the checkbox next to the item.
Click Delete checked items. 

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