ASPeN: Getting Started with Continuing Education

ASPeN: Getting Started with Continuing Education

Login to ASPeN

Continuing Education Control Panel

ASPeN Home PageStep 1 is Login, Step 2 is Continuing Education


Check current Certifications and view your past Certifications in the Continuing Education Control Panel.

Current Certifications in the CE Control Panel.

Add/Update/Submit a continuing education track in the "Change CE Track Status" section of the Control Panel.  Select the track and click Add.

Choices are
  1. Library Staff Track
  2. Trustee Track
  3. Initial Library Administrator 
  4. Library Administrator Renewal
4 certification tracksChoose your certification track.

Add Independent Learning Events 

For MSL- or MLA-sponsored events – see related KB articles for more details.

  1. MLA-Sponsored Events
  1. Adding New CE Credits
Pre-entered events will appear in the "Select Event" dropdown menu under "Add Independent Learning Event."  The most recent events appear by date at the top of the list.
Select existing events from dropdown.
Watch a quick video to see how the dropdown works.

Create new independent learning event

A new independent learning event might be a local library training session, a college course, an out-of-state conference, etc. 
Trainings offered by other organizations on topics that relate to your position are not entered into ASPeN by MSL Staff.  

Create New Independent Learning Event Button

You will need this information:

Event Title
Begin Date and Time
End Date and Time
Trainer/Presenter Name
CE Category
Credit Value (.5 hour is the smallest credit allowed)

These items are required.  There are other options to fill in but only those with a red asterisk are required to "Save" the Independent Learning Event.

A description of the event is helpful for review and verification steps when you submit your certification.

An MSL staff member will review your event.  Once they approve an event, the credit will appear on your continuing education credits list.

Check the "Email on Assigned Credit" box if you want to be notified when the CE credit is approved.

Registered Events

When you register for a continuing education event in ASPeN, the system will automatically add credits. 

Edit/Review CE Credits

Export your CE Credits to Excel to keep track and to share with your supervisor to review your continuing education activities.

Export CE Credits to Excel button.

Check for duplicates, approval status, expiration dates, and credit totals by category.  

Edit CE Credits section of CE Control Panel. Credit status will be pending until you submit a completed track.