BCMobile - Common App Tasks

BCMobile - Common App Tasks

Downloading the App

The Montana Shared Catalog app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store effective November 16, 2020. To download the app, search "Montana Shared Catalog" or use one of the following direct links.
  1. Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/montana-shared-catalog/id1539429817
  2. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.sol.MTSC
Prior to login, users will see a search bar, book lists, and content tabs. From the main menu, readers can log in, switch their language, and adjust preferences.
The search bar can be used to initiate a keyword search. Borrowers not logged into their accounts will search the entire Montana Shared Catalog collection. Post login, the search will automatically be limited based on the user's library or sharing group membership. For more details about searching and applying search filters, see the section on Searching below.
To access your account, language, and preferences, touch the three bar (hamburger) main menu
  1. Sign In  - Borrowers issued a library card may use their card number and pin to access their account. Logging in will reroute the user to the home page, presenting "My Barcode" at the bottom of the screen. After logging in, readers will see additional account management options in the main menu. See Managing Your Account below for more information.
  2. Language  - Users may select English or Spanish to translate menu items and labels. 
  3. Preferences - Viewers can reorganize tabs by clicking and dragging so that most frequently used content can be viewed first. The user may also choose to change the content layout to scroll instead of flow (swipe). To immediately see any changes to the app made by administrators, a user should select "reload." 
Main menu login page
Main menu language choice
Main menu preferences

Book Lists

Readers can swipe through book lists or tap a cover to view item details. Selecting "More" will deliver additional book lists to browse. Book lists will be updated by system administrators periodically as old lists become irrelevant or superseded.
More booklists

Content Tabs

Content tabs will link users to common actions or external resources. To move through the list of tabs, swipe left or right.  The ellipses at the bottom of the screen - the page view controller - will indicate which page you're presently viewing. The default tabs are as follows: 
  1. Scan ISBN barcode - Activates the viewer's camera to scan the ISBN barcode on the back of a book to search the collection. 
  2. Nearest Libraries - Displays a list of libraries nearest to the reader at present using the phone's GPS settings (if enabled). If location permissions are denied, the reader will see an alphabetical list of libraries.
    1. Tapping on a library will allow patrons to view hours, location, and contact info.
    2. "Get Directions" will open directions in the device's preferred mapping tool (e.g. Google Maps). 
    3. Tapping the phone number will open the calling app with the number pre-entered.
    4. "Visit Website" will open the library website in a browser window. 
  3. My Account  - Opens the main menu to give you the option to sign in if you haven't already.
  4. Register Online  - Visible only pre-login, the online registration form will allow users to apply for a temporary, digital card to use with MontanaLibrary2Go. After registration, users are directed to follow up with their local public library.
  5. External resources - Provide access to the described digital collections and tools, including MontanaLibrary2Go, Montana Memory Project, School Digital Collection, State Publications, and Natural Heritage Program.

Managing Your Account 

The BLUEcloud Mobile app enables patrons to manage all family accounts on a smartphone or tablet.

Adding an Account

To manage one's account, you must first add a library card. Tap the three bar (hamburger) main menu and sign in. The user can either scan their library card or type in the barcode number. Next, enter the pin number. Users may elect to have the app remember their account information by checking, "Keep me signed in."  Once logged in, the main menu will present additional options including checkouts, holds, fines, and linked accounts.  
Login screen with Keep me signed in option
Patrons at libraries that have purchased a customizable template will see their library's logo and content post-login. 


On the checkout page, users may renew eligible materials, review due dates, and examine checkout history. 
Charge history must be requested by the library and enabled at the user account level before patrons can use "Checkout History" in the app. Read more about Charge History .
To renew an item, tap it to expand options. Click "Renew."
Renew a single item
Alternatively, the user can select "Renew All" to renew all eligible items or "Select" to choose specific items.  
Renew selected itemsWith either renewal option, the screen will display a success or failure message to advise the patron of their renewal status.  
Renewal status message


Readers can both place holds and manage holds through the app. To place a hold, search for an item. Tap the item to reveal the detailed display. Select Place Hold. On the Holds window choose the appropriate pickup location and user (if you have linked accounts) and tap Place Hold.
Place a hold on an item
To manage an existing hold, go to the main menu. Select Holds. As with renewals, the user can manage all holds in bulk using All Holds or Select at the top of the screen. To modify a single hold, tap the item and choose change pickup location, suspend hold, or cancel hold to complete those respective actions. 
Manage existing holds


At this time, patrons cannot pay their fines through BLUEcloud Mobile. However, they can review their existing fines. The detailed display will include a message to "Please contact the library to arrange payment."
Fine with contact library message

Linked Accounts

App users can add all the cards they manage, including their cards at other MSC libraries and family member cards. The user can view and manage all checkouts and holds associated with the linked accounts.
Linked accounts

Viewing Library Cards 

A digital copy of each linked library card can be accessed from the home page. Libraries with the appropriate scanner can scan the phone screen. Other libraries can type the number displayed. On the home page, tap My Barcode. Swipe up to access additional cards. 
Digital library card


Readers can search the app both before and after login using either the search bar or the Scan ISBN Barcode feature. A pre-login search will have no preset filters, meaning that the reader will browse materials available at all libraries. However, the user can opt to set a library, format, or field filter to refine their search.
Unfiltered search pre-login

Location Limits

After login, the user will automatically search the collection associated with their library or sharing group. Users can broaden the search back to the entire MSC by removing the location-based filter. At the bottom of the search screen where the number of results display, tap the X to clear the filter. To reapply the filter, tap the same area and choose a location for Limit to. Tap Apply Filters.
Post-login search
Reapply a location limit
Libraries that purchased a template have an enforced search limit that delivers only library and sharing group materials. The filter cannot be expanded to the entire consortium. 

Applying Other Filters

Other available filters include format (e.g. book, audio discs, etc.) and fields (e.g. title, author, etc.). 
Format filter
Field filter


From the same filter window, you can also adjust the sort (e.g. relevance, title, author, publication date). Sort search results
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