Montana History Portal - Citing Sources

Montana History Portal - Citing Sources

With the exception of entire collections and contributors all item types within the Portal can be cited on a computer. The mobile version of this site does not offer the citation feature. These citations are in APA format and are generated automatically within the Portal.

The steps below will walk you through this process. 

Search for and click the item to be cited.


Hover your mouse curser over the quotation marks on the left side of the screen under the tool bar.

The location of the quotation marks can vary depending on the size of your computer screen.

When viewed on small screens the gold bar across the bottom of the Portal can make it hard to find.

A dark gray bar will pop up. Click it to cite the item.

Triple click the mouse within the citation window or drag the mouse curser over the citation to highlight it.

Right click your mouse and select copy or use ctrl c on your keyboard to copy the citation.

Right click on your mouse and select paste or use ctrl v on your keyboard to paste the citation into the document on your computer or other location.
Congratulations! You have cited a source from The Portal.

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