COVID-19 Resources for Libraries

COVID-19 Resources for Libraries

About The COVID-19 Resources Guide

Last Updated on 9/8/20
The Montana State Library has put together a list of COVID-19 resources for libraries and their communities to use. This resource list will be updated frequently with new resources and information, so please check back to see what else has been added. If you would like to add a resource to this list, please email Amelea Kim at for consideration.

Montana State Library Statements on COVID-19

  1. 3/13/20 Statement from Jennie Stapp, Montana State Librarian
  2. 3/17/20 Statement from Jennie Stapp, Montana State Librarian
  3. 4/30/20 Statement from Jennie Stapp, Montana State Librarian
  4. Montana ArcGIS Map of Libraries Closed Due to COVID-19

Montana-Specific Resources for COVID-19

For up-to-date information on COVID-19 in Montana, please visit

  1. MT Information Hotlines for the Public:
    1. General Public Inquiries - DPHHS Email: (before directing inquiries to this email, please remind people about the DPHHS website which is linked above)
    2. Social Media Updates: For Montana-specific information related to coronavirus, search Health in the 406 on Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram
    3. MT Information Line for COVID-19: 1-888-333-0461
  2. MT Joint Information Center for Media Requests (see attached document)
  3. MT Social Media Graphic: Feel free to share on channels as much as you want! (see attached document)
  4. OPI COVID-19 Landing Page: Information for Schools
  5. Montana Legal Services Association COVID-19 Guide
  6. Montana Department of Emergency Services - Primary Coordinators Map
  7. Montana Association of Counties (MACo) COVID-19 Guidelines: Includes guidance and information on the following topics:
    1. Determining Essential Services and Continuity of Operations
    2. Coordination with Public Health Office and Law Enforcement
    3. Employee Leave
    4. Attorney General Letter of Advice Regarding Open Public Meetings
  8. Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employer Paid Leave Requirements
  9. Billings Gazette Coverage of Coronavirus for MT and WY (paywall lifted)
  10. Billings Public Library Press Release Regarding COVID-19 (3/13/20) (see attached document)
  11. MT Economic Development Resources for Libraries and their Communities
  12. Guidance on Hosting Public Library Board Meetings During the COVID-19 Crisis
  13. MT Zero to Five COVID-19 Resources
  14. MT Zero to Five COVID-19 Family Impact Survey
    1. 4/24/20 Report Available as a PDF (attached to this post titled COVID19 Family Impact Survey Report)
  15. Montana 211 Community Resources
  16. Coronavirus Aid Grants for MT Organizations (Libraries Included)
  17. Montana DPHHS - Substance Use Disorder Resources

General Public-Focused Resources on COVID-19

  1. Center for Disease Control (CDC) Landing Page on Coronavirus
  2. MedLine Plus - Coronavirus Infections
  3. COVID-19 Guide from the National Institute of Health
  4. The Atlantic - Guide to Understanding COVID-19: This guide has been made free outside of the Atlantic's normal paywalls.
  5. New York Times - The Coronavirus Outbreak: This guide has been made free outside of NYT's normal paywalls.

General Library-Focused Resources on COVID-19

  1. Cleaning Recommendations/Discussion Resources for Materials:
    1. COSTEP Massachusetts Recommendations
    2. American Libraries Magazine: How to Sanitize Collections in a Pandemic
    3. Maryland State Library Free Resource Center: Handling Materials During COVID-19
  2. ALA Advocacy and Policy Work Related to COVID-19
  3. Webjunction Guide on Coronavirus Resources for Libraries
  4. EveryLibrary Resources on Coronavirus
    1. The Definition of Widespread in Disease Classification
    2. Comics for Good
    3. Mythbusters from the WHO
  5. National Library of Medicine - Resources for Libraries
  6. National Network of Libraries of Medicine: COVID-19 Guide for Public Libraries
  7. List of Public Libraries Closed in the US
  8. ALA Executive Board Recommends Closing Libraries (3/17/20)
  9. ARSL Statement on Closing Libraries (3/18/20)
  10. ALA Pandemic Preparedness Resources Guide
  11. COVID-19 Resources List from Amigos Library Services (3/19/20)
  12. Coronavirus Marketing Templates from Canva
  13. Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 from OSHA
  14. COVID-19 Resources from America's Promise Alliance Partners
  15. COVID-19: How to Include Marginalized and Vulnerable People in Risk Communication and Community Engagement (World Health Organization)
  16. Public Library Association: Libraries Respond to COVID-19 Survey Results (3/24  - 4/1)
  17. Public Library Association: Libraries Respond to COVID-19 Survey Results (5/12 - 5/18)
  18. COVID-19 Resources from OCLC
  19. National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) Digital Health Literacy Programming Resources
  20. RAILS Libraries - COVID-19 Information Page
  21. CDC - Using Cloth Face Masks
  22. IMLS COVID-19 Updates/Information Page
  23. REALM Project from Battelle: Reopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums - A COVID-19 Research Project
    1. 6/3/20 Project Update
    2. 6/23/20 Project Update - Round 1 Test Results
    3. 7/20/21 Project Update - Round 2 Test Results
  24. Information on Airborne Transmission
    1. 5/27/20: How Can Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 Indoors be Minimized?
    2. 4/25/20: Airborne Route and Bad Use of Ventilation Systems as Non-Negligible Factors in SARS-CoV-2 Transmission
    3. 5/29/20: Detection of Air and Surface Contamination by SARS-CoV-2 in Hospital Rooms of Infected Patients
    4. 6/15/20: Sampling and Detection of Corona Viruses in Air: A Mini Review
    5. 7/13/20: NYT Wirecutter – Can Air Conditioning Transmit the Coronavirus?
    6. American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) COVID-19 Resources Page
    7. 8/13/20: Route Fifty – How to use Air Ventilation and Air Filtration to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Indoors
  25. Information on COVID-19 Testing
    1. 8/10/20: Harvard Health Blog - Which Test is Best for COVID-19?
    2. 4/21/20: NPR - Study Raises Questions About False Negatives from Quick COVID-19 Tests
    3. 6/15/20: NPR - What Zebra Mussels Can Tell Us About Coronavirus Tests
    4. Medical MIT Blog: FAQs on COVID-19 Testing
    5. CDC - COVID-19 Testing Homepage
  1. 2020 Census Operational Adjustments due to COVID-19 (4/13/20)
  2. Census Bureau Statement on Modifying 2020 Census Operations to Make Sure College Students are Counted (3/15/20

Mental Health and COVID-19

  1. MT DPHHS Announces Expansion of Mental Health Services to Help Montanans During COVID-19 (4/1/20)
  2. The Brain Science of Fear in Uncertain Times
  3. Mindfulness in Times of Uncertainty: Online Workshops
  4. Helping Families Cope (National Child Traumatic Stress Network)
  5. Untwist Your Thinking
  6. CDC: Stress and Coping
  7. CDC: Coronavirus - How to Protect Yourself
  8. Tips for Social Distancing from SAMHSA
  9. National Alliance on Mental Illness - COVID-19 Resources Guide
  10. Mental Health America - Mental Health and COVID-19
  11. Anxiety and Depression Association of America - Coronavirus Anxiety
  12. Calm App - Free Meditation Sessions
  13. WarmLines - Phone Lines for Emotional Support
  14. Keep Your Mind Grounded Tips and Tricks
  15. JED Foundation - COVID-19 and Managing Mental Health
  16. Headspace Meditations
  17. How to Talk To Your Kids About Coronavirus
  18. CDC Household Checklist
  19. CDC Page on Stigma Related to COVID-19
  20. Stigma Reduction from Washington State Department of Health
  21. Red Cross - Psychological First Aid: Supporting Yourself and Others During COVID-19 Online Course

Webinars on COVID-19

  1. Montana Webside Chat on 3/16/20 at 12 pm (recording available)
  2. COVID-19 and MT Libraries Meet Up and Check In Sessions
    1. 3/23/20 Meet Up (recording available)
    2. 3/30/20 Meet Up (recording available)
  3. Library 2.0 Webinar Series, "Libraries Stepping Up! Serving the Needs of Communities in Crisis" on 3/26/20 (recordings available)
    1. Session 1: Self-Care During a Crisis - Breathe, Think, and Grow
    2. Session 2: Why and How to Promote Your Online Services During the Quarantine
    3. Session 3: Serving Patrons in a Crisis
    4. Session 4: Preparing Your Digital Branch for Increased Use
  4. Amigos Webinar, "Don't Stand so Close to Me: Strategies You Need to Respond to COVID-19" on 3/19/20
  5. International Public Library Fundraising Webinar, "Navigating the Impact of COVID-19" on 3/17/20 (recording available)
  6. EveryLibrary Institute, "How to Combat COVID-19 Related Misinformation" on 3/20/20 (recording not available, but slides and materials from presentation are listed)
  7. SirsiDynix, "COVID-19: How to Prepare Your Library for the Unexpected" on 3/19/20 (recording available)
    1. SirsiDynix COVID-19 Resource Page
  8. Public Library Association, "Public Libraries Respond to COVID-19" webinar series
    1. The Current Landscape, 3/26/20 at 12 pm
    2. Successful Ways to Work Remotely, 4/2/20 at 12 pm
    3. Managing Stress and Anxiety, 4/9/20 at 12 pm
    4. Innovative Solutions in Times of Crisis, 4/16/20 at 12 pm
  9. Small Business Development Center, "Business Crisis Toolkit for COVID-19 - Control What You Can" on 3/20/20 (recording and slides available)
  10. Institute of Museum and Library Services, "Mitigating COVID-19 When Managing Paper-Based, Circulating, and Other Types of Collections," on 3/30/20 (recording available)
  11. United for Libraries, "Advocacy for Your Library During a Crisis", on 4/15/20 at 11 am MT
  12. Public Library Association, "Public Libraries Respond to COVID-19: Strategies for Advancing Digital Equity Now" on 4/23/20
  13. NNLM, "Introduction to Mindfulness: Nourishing Ourselves in These Times", on 5/19/20 at 12 pm MT
  14. REALM Project Webinar - Overview of COVID-19 Research Project on 8/5/20 at 11 am MT

Online Educational Resources

  1. Montana PBS Prek-12 Resources for Emergency Closures
  2. Virtual Learning Resources - EdWeb: Available topics include
    1. edWeb Professional Development Plans
    2. Webinars on topics such as "Collaboration Near and Far in Digital Professional Learning Communities," and "Enabling Greater Collaboration and Learning for Your Entire School with Teams."
  3. OPI Online Learning Resources for Educators to Use for Digital Learning
  4. Gale COVID-19 Learning Resource Center: Curriculum, method, and educational support for online learning for K-12
  5. MAPS Connects Montana: Daily Creativity Challenge
  6. National Geographic Educational Resources
    1. National Geographic At Home: One-stop shop for families and educators to access National Geographic resources. The themes for the site are: Get Smart, Get Inspired, Get Entertained.
    2. Learn at Home: High-quality materials categorized by age group and topic area. Includes range of low-tech/no-tech to tech-involved lessons.
    3. Explorer Classroom: Connects young people with scientists, researchers, storytellers, and others in the world out in the field. Held every weekday at 2 pm EDT
    4. Resource Library at National Geographic
  7. Montana Historical Society - COVID-19 Archive Survey: COVID-19 is affecting the lives of people all over the world, and the Montana Historical Society wants to know how YOU have been affected. If you're a past or present resident of Montana, consider taking this opportunity to add your voice to the historical record. Tell us about how you, your family, and your work life has been impacted, what precautions you are or are not taking, and how you’re coping with this crisis.  
    1. General Adult MHS COVID-19 Survey
    2. Student MHS COVID-19 Survey
  8. STEAM Ahead at Home from STARNet Libraries - STEAM Programming and Ideas

Online Professional Development Resources

  1. OPI Learning Opportunities/Professional Development
  2. Montana Online CE Opportunities for Librarians
    1. Teacher Librarians - Attend MSL webinars live and ask Jo Flick for an OPI certificate (
    2. MSL Trainer Blog for monthly webinar announcements
    3. ASPeN Calendar for MSL Webinars to attend live
    4. MSL Vimeo Channel for all recorded webinars
    5. MSL Vimeo Channel by CE Category
  3. Lyrasis Training and Resources (posted on WIRED on 3/16/20):
    1. Lyrasis Learning open to any institution for 30 days
    2. Can use virtual classrooms or meetings with extra Zoom rooms
    3. Visit website for more details
  4. Recorded Webinars from Other State Libraries/Organizations
    1. Michigan: STEM Motion Webinar with Laurie Bone (Longway Planetarium) from April 2020
    2. Michigan: Singing Our Way to Literacy with Jenifer Strauss from April 2020
    3. Michigan: Childhood Trauma in a Time of Crisis from May 2020
  5. Library 2.0, Small, Rural, and Independent Libraries Mini-Conference on 6/17/20 from 1 - 4 pm MT
  6. National Geographic, Professional Development Courses Online

Remote Working Resources

  1. Working from Home 101
  2. Linked in, "Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success"

Providing Alternative Services

  1. Amigos Library Services - Virtual Storytimes Resource List
  2. Amigos Library Services, "Virtual Storytimes Webinar" from 3/9/20
  3. Fayetteville Public Library Regular Virtual Storytime Offerings
  4. Massachusetts Library System, "Streaming Storytime Webinar" from 4/13/20
  5. Colorado State Library, "Virtual Storytimes: Filming Before, During, and After COVID-19" from 4/13/20
  6. Indiana State Library, "Summer Reading 2020: Planning in a Time of Pandemic" from 4/16/20
  7. RAILS Library System, "Beyond E-Storytimes: Virtual Services and Programs for Youth" from 4/21/20
  8. California Public Libraries - Virtual Programming Ideas Database
  9. Scholastic Revised Copyright Policy for Educators to Read Books Online
  10. Penguin Random House Statement - Temporary Open License
  11. Alzheimer's Association Virtual Programming Offerings (see attached document)
  12. Online Cooking Classes for Children from Delish
  13. NEWSLINE for Blind/Low-Vision/Print-Disabled Patrons:
    1. For those that are unaware, NFB-NEWSLINE is a free audio news service for anyone who is blind, low-vision, or otherwise print-disabled that offers access to more than 500 publications, emergency weather alerts, job listings, and more. Please inform your patrons that might find this beneficial. If you would like any more information about the service, please follow the following link. []
    2. To sign up, contact the Montana Talking Book Library:
      1. Phone: 1-800-332-3400
      2. Email:
      3. Or contact NFB directly: Phone: 888-882-1629 Email:
  14. Free Software Available During COVID-19 Crisis
  15. Online Meeting Options
    1. Zoom Free Version: Host up to 100, free, unlimited 1 on 1 meetings, 40 minute limit to meetings. Upgrade to Pro costs $14.99/month/host
    2. GoToMeeting - Emergency Remote Work Kits
    3. Skype Conference Calling
    4. Discord App
    5. Google Hangouts
  16. Lewis and Clark Library - Mail to Our Seniors Program
  17. Virtual Programming Examples
    1. Jason Reynolds Grab the Mic Video Series - Using this to guide a library program
    2. Belgrade Community Library STEAM Virtual Programming
    3. Belgrade Community Library Virtual Storytime
    4. Bozeman Public Library Book Club Meeting Online
    5. Sidney-Richland County Library - Science Experiments at Home
    6. Harry Potter Digital Escape Room Example from Peters Township Public Library
    7. Bozeman Public Library Online Craft Show and Tell
  18. Millersville Public Library (TN) Virtual Programming Tips and Tricks
  19. School Library Journal - COVID-19 Publisher Guidelines


  1. Library Performer: Daniel Lusk, Magician
    1. Online Shows available for booking this summer
    2. Free 12-minute magic show video available on website, can be downloaded directly, or shared via Facebook
  2. Play Music NYC - Adventure Theater Live: Weekly Showings every Friday
    1. Online shows every Friday at 2 pm and 3:30 pm, registration opens for each weekly show on Wednesday

News Articles

  1. Seattle Closing All Public Libraries, Community Centers, Parks Programs in Bid to Slow Coronavirus (3/12/20)
  2. FCC Waives Rules to Boost Broadband for Hospitals, Schools Amid Coronavirus Crisis (3/19/20)
  3. The Atlantic: Public Libraries' Novel Response to a Novel Virus (3/31/20)
  4. Route Fifty: Amid Closures, Libraries Find New Ways to Provide Services (3/31/20)
  5. Library Journal: Boston Public Library Finds Ways to Safely Serve Homeless, Recovering Patrons Thru Pandemic (5/1/20)
  6. Bozeman Library Giving Away Donated Books to Area Youth (5/21/20)
  7. NPR: Libraries are Dealing with New Demand for Books and Services During the Pandemic (6/16/20)
  8. Apollo - International Art Magazine: Public Libraries Have Been Vital in Times of Crisis (7/8/20)

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