Directors Landing Page

Directors Landing Page


This article is meant to orient library directors to MSC resources.
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Articles Directors Should Read

  1. Circulation - Choosing Circulation Rules
  2. Cataloging - Policy Lists
  3. Circulation - User Policy Lists
  4. Circulation - Lost Items Overview
  5. BCA - Catalog Clean-Up Reports

Staff Training

Access training material on WorkFlows, the Enterprise online catalog, BLUEcloud Analytics (BCA) reporting, and more:
  1. New Staff Landing Page - articles and video tutorials geared toward staff training.
  2. Knowledge Base - articles and video tutorials answering our most frequently asked questions.


The MSC is one of several departments of the Montana State Library that uses the Zoho Help Center. To get the most out of Zoho, see the following articles:
  1. Zoho - Creating an Account
  2. Zoho - Submitting a Ticket
  3. Zoho - My Area

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