Enterprise - Online Bill Payment

Enterprise - Online Bill Payment


Enterprise now offers functionality that will allow for integration with PayPal so that patrons can pay their bills online using a credit card. Roles, responsibilities and configuration options are outlined below.

Roles & Responsibilities


Each participating library/library system is required to have a PayPal account. PayPal account configuration, management, and monitoring shall be the sole responsibility of the participating library. Similarly, it will be the participating library's responsibility to be aware of, and to adhere to, all applicable PayPal Terms & Conditions. Technical concerns regarding PayPal should be submitted directly to PayPal by the library. 

IPN must be enabled on the library's PayPal account. The notification URL is as follows: https://mtsc.ent.sirsi.net/client/ipn.listener

IPN setting
No money shall exchange between MSL and the participating library. To complete Enterprise configuration, the library must supply the email address associated with their PayPal account.


The MSL will prepare report templates in BLUEcloud Analytics that libraries can run on demand. Reports will be saved to Shared Reports > Bills for easy access. It is the participating library's responsibility to review these reports if they desire to reconcile between their PayPal and WorkFlows transactions. 

Web services logs the payment library as the original bill library regardless of which Enterprise site is used to pay the bill. To identify the payment site, use the payment type (e.g. WEB-MSLA) in the Enterprise Payment Report. Online payments have been excluded from other BCA bill reports.


The MSL will administer all necessary Enterprise configuration. Technical issues relating to Enterprise may be escalated to Sirsi Dynix by MSL staff. If the library wishes to make changes to their configuration or to discontinue participation, they must submit their request by opening a support ticket.

Configuration Options

Total Balance

Patrons can be required to submit payment for all fines in one transaction. In the example below, the payment account is configured to require a total balance payment. As a result, there is no option to select between different fines.
Fines with total balance required

If total balance is not selected, check boxes will display, allowing the user to select between fines. 

Total balance not required

Minimum Payment

Libraries can specify a minimum payment amount that they will accept via PayPal. This option can be used in combination with the total balance setting or by itself.

In the example below, the account is configured to require a minimum payment and the total balance. The minimum payment amount is noted above the PayPal button.

Minimum payment amount with total required

This example requires a minimum payment but not the total balance. Note that the minimum balance is still listed above the PayPal button, but the user now has check boxes to choose between his or her fines. 

Minimum payment with total not required

Terms & Conditions

Libraries can choose to include a terms and conditions statement. Organizations interested in this option must submit their T&C statement in plain text to MSL.

When Terms & Conditions is enabled, a check box displays next to the text, "Accept Terms and Conditions to Submit Payment."

Accept Terms and Conditions text

Clicking the text, will open the T&C for review.

Terms and Conditions window

If the patron chooses the payment button before selecting the check box, a warning opens that indicates that the payment cannot be made until the patron has accepted. 

Terms and Conditions warning

After pressing OK and accepting the terms, the user can proceed with clicking the PayPal button. They will be redirected to the PayPal site to submit their credit card information.
PayPal window

Payment is submitted for a "Library Bill", and the payment amount is reconciled in WorkFlows. The type of bills paid (e.g. overdue, lost, damage, etc.) will be listed using reports in BLUEcloud Analytics. Patron barcodes are included so that lost item notes can be removed from the patrons' user records for LOST-X bills.
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