Enterprise - Online User Registration

Enterprise - Online User Registration

Online User Registration (OUR)

Libraries can choose to enable the Online User Registration (OUR) form on their Enterprise page. A link will be placed in the  'log in' box accessed from the right content container of your home page and on the main page (see images below). OUR assigns a patron a temporary user profile that does not allow for checkouts or holds. This streamlines the registration process so that your circulation desk only needs to verify identity before issuing the permanent profile and card.

When a patron comes in for their permanent card, use the Modify User Wizard. Search for the patron by name or enter their temporary card number. You will need to change their user profile from 'ONLINE-REG' to the appropriate permanent profile. Staff can update any other information in Modify User as it pertains to your internal registration procedures. After you are done making any other edits, scan their permanent Card #. Next, go to Renew Privilege Wizard. Select the patron and click Extend Privilege. This will grant the patron permanent, regular privileges.

Clean-up Report

Libraries have the option of setting up a report to periodically remove inactive online users who have not yet converted to a card with full borrowing privileges to keep the database tidy. This report will only select those with the defined number of inactivity days set forth by the library (ex. 30, 45, 100 days) and those without any current checkouts or holds. 

Please open a help desk ticket in order to set-up OUR for your library.
The MSC Enterprise page (https://mtsc.ent.sirsi.net/client/en_US/MTSC) allows patrons to sign-up for a library card even if a library is not participating in the OUR feature as a way to access MontanaLibrary2Go. 

 What it looks like on Enterprise

Login Screen

The login pop-up includes a link to “Apply for a Card.”

Login pop-up

Home Page

An additional OUR link will be placed on your home page.

OUR homepage link

Registration Page

Both “Apply for a Library Card” links direct users to an Online Registration form. After submitting the form, users are presented with a temporary ID number. Staff can use this number to look up and modify the patron in WorkFlows.

Online Registration page

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