ASPeN - Federation Reporting

ASPeN - Federation Reporting

This article will explain how to enter your federation expenses. 

Log into ASPeN

Find and click on REPORT Federation Expenses 

This should be located on your login page below the block of basic user information:

The view of this may include less, or different options depending on the various roles and responsibilities you hold.

The REPORT link will direct you to a form to fill out expenses.

Fill in the blanks on the form and click submit to report these expenses.

 Viewing the Federation Expenses Dashboard

To view the dashboard and access reports from your organization, go to the link to VIEW annual reporting. This should be located somewhere around the selected area below, depending on each users’ roles and responsibilities:

This will direct to the Federation report dashboard
​Once directed to the dashboard page, select the year of interest.

After selecting the year, use the drop down to select the library.

Select “Expand View” to see more. Or to return to the previous view, select “Minimize View”.

Downloading and printing reports

To download a meaningful report, make sure to use the tools built into the bottom of the dashboard.

 Hint: Using the browser print feature will not display the information from the dashboard properly. The report must be downloaded from the dashboard to print.

For more information and background about Federations please visit the Federations section of our website at:

If you need to make changes to the expenses you have entered please contact your consultant or open a helpdesk ticket for assistance! 

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