MSC GovDelivery Newsletter Archive

MSC GovDelivery Newsletter Archive

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2/12/2024: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 2/12/2024 - Spring Member Meeting, CMC Spring Meeting, Three Questions about your Annual Invoice, ILL Brief Record Procedure Reminder, Deactivated Zoho Accounts, BCA Collection Maintenance Reports, Office Hours Reminder
2/5/2024: MSC Problem Discards - 2/5/2024 - January's Problem Discard Report 

1/16/2024: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 1/16/2024 - Migrating Zoho to New Help Desk System, Enterprise Maintenance, Missing Users, Item Category 1 Options,  MSC Office Hours reminder 
1/2/2024: MSC System Updates - 1/2/2024 - Updated Content on MSC Website, BCA Report Clean-up Soon, MSC-Discuss has Sunset
1/2/2024: MSC Problem Discards - 1/2/2024 - December's Problem Discard Report

12/26/2023: Enterprise Down System - 12/26/2023
12/18/2023: MSC Updates - 12/18/2023 - MSC-Discuss Google Group, Enterprise Notice Regarding BC Mobile App, LOST, LOST-ASSUM, LOST-CLAIM, & LOST-PAID, User Search Index Gadget in the User Display Wizard, 2024 Closed Dates Survey for Publics & Specials
12/11/2023: MSC System Maintenance - 12/11/2023 - Enterprise System Maintenance 12/12.
12/06/2023: BC Mobile App Update - 12/6/2023 - patron note 'SOLUS'
12/04/2023: MSC Updates - 12/4/23: Items due Jan. 1st, Reminder 2024 Closed Dates Survey, New BCA reports
12/01/2023: MSC Problem Discards - 12/1/2023 - November's Problem Discard Report

11/30/23: BC Mobile App Update - 11/30/23 - BC Mobile App Update
11/27/23: BC Mobile App System Alert - 11/27/23 - BC Mobile App Issue
11/20/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 11/20/2023 - Enterprise Maintenance, BCA Maintenance, Two Options for Bill Reason to be Removed, 'Montana Shared Catalog Overview' Recording Available, SMS Notifications Update, Fall School Survey Reminder, 2024 Closed Dates Survey Reminder
11/07/23: MSC Updates - 11/7/23: Fall School Survey, 2024 Closed Dates Survey, MSC Office hours reminder
11/03/23: MSC Problem Discards - 11/3/23 - October's Problem Discard Report

10/27/23: Upcoming MSC System Maintenance - 10/27/2023 - Enterprise, BC Mobile, and Workflows upcoming system maintenance.
10/24/23: MSC System Updates - 10/24/2023 - GovDelivery Newsletter Archive, Sunsetting MSC-Discuss, New BCA Reports, Office Hours Holiday Schedule, MSL Tiny Tech Training, Members Council
10/10/23: MSC System Updates - 10/10/23 - Fall Member Meeting, Office Hours, MSC Dashboard
10/04/23: MSC Problem Discards 10/4/2023 -  September's Problem Discard Report

09/25/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 9/25/2023 - Enterprise Maintenance, Fall Member Meeting, Enterprise Dashboard, Hotspot Assumed Lost, Label Change, Detail Display Update, SmartPort Clean-up
09/14/23: MSC Update: Enterprise System Restored - 9/14/2023 - Enterprise System Restore
09/14/23: MSC System Update 9/14/23 - Enterprise System Down
09/11/23: MSC System Updates - 9/11/2023 - Workflows Update, MSL Fall Workshop Sessions, Office Hours, BCA Maint., CMC Meeting
09/01/23: MSC Problem Discards - 9/1/2023 - August's Problem Discard Report

08/28/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 8/28/23 - SirsiDynix’s SMS Notification Service,  Reminder: Workflows 4.0 Update, Hotspot Poll,  MSL Staff Meeting,  Charge History Update, MSC Office Hours 
08/14/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 8/14/2023 - Welcome Billings Public School District, Enterprise Maintenance, WorkFlows 4.0 Update, SMS Notifications - Request today, Unfilled Holds BCA Report,  Reminder: 'Trap Holds' & 'Receive Transit' wizard limited access
08/07/23: MSC Problem Discards 8/07/2023 - July's Problem Discard Report
08/07/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 8/7/23 - Office Hours, MSC Content Management Committee (CMC) meeting scheduled, BCA Maintenance Reminder, 

07/27/23: MSC System Update 7/27/2023 - Mobile app search restored, Workflows search error being investigated, MSC staff in Billings
07/24/23: Mobile App Search Functionality 7/24/2023 - Mobile App search not functioning
07/17/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 7/17/2023 - Billings Public School District to go live in August, Enterprise 'Content Type' for sound recordings, Batch add item prices for accurate collection value, Upcoming BCA Maintenance, MSC Office Hours
07/10/23: MSC Problem Discards 7/10/23 - June's Problem Discard Report
07/05/23: MSC System Updates - 7/5/2023 - Google Analytics 4 Update, MSC Office Hours, MSC Invoice
07/03/23: MSC System Maintenance on 7/4 & 7/5 - Workflows Maintenance Reminder, Enterprise and Mobile App Maintenance Reminder

06/19/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 06/19/2023 - MSL Staff Retreat, Email Delivery Errors - New Procedure, SMS Notifications, Workflows Maintenance Scheduled, Enterprise Maintenance, HTML Notices
06/12/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 6/12/23 - Office Hours Reminder
06/05/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 6/5/23 - SMS Notifications, Kids Catalog, MSC Office Hours 

05/22/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 05/22/2023 - Kids Catalog - Request today, MobileStaff App Update, June Office Hours, 'Apply for a Library Card' wording change in Enterprise, Mobile Hotspot record transfer complete
05/08/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 5/8/2023 - Workflows: 'Receive Transit' & 'Trap Holds' Wizards, Enterprise: MSL Programs Logo Changes, Projects, MSC Office Hours
05/01/23: Montana Shared Catalog System Update - 5/1/2023 - Workflows TEST Server Unavailable on Tuesday, May 2nd, MSC Office Hours Reminder, 

04/24/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 4/24/2023 - Office Hours, BCA Serial Control Reports,  'PIN' Label Update in Enterprise,  Montana State Library Newsletters List, Knowledge Base Direct Link, Mobile Hotspot Reminder
04/05/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates- 4/05/2023 - MSC Spring Member Meeting, BCA Circulation Folder, MLA MSC Office Hours, MLA MSC Sessions, MSC 'Office Hours' Poll

03/22/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates- 3/22/2023 - MSC Office Hours, MSC Member Meeting Materials, Enterprise Format Facet, Auto-Renew Poll - Deadline Extended
03/06/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates- 3/6/2023 - MSC Content Management Committee (CMC) Meeting,  MSC Executive Board Meeting, Mobile Hotspot Catalog Records, Enterprise 336 Search Display Change, Patron Removal Survey Reminder, MSC Office Hours Reminder

02/23/23: MSC System Update 2/23/2023 - Enterprise Upgrade Reminder, MSC Office Hours, 
02/17/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 2/17/2023 - Executive Board Meeting Scheduled,  Patron Removal Survey,  Auto-Renew Poll, System Users, Enterprise Upgrade, 2023 Closed Dates, HTML Email Notices, Communication Plan Reminder

01/24/23: Montana Shared Catalog Updates - 1/24/2023 - Communication Plan Feedback Requested, Enterprise Statistics in Catalog Dashboard, Monthly Discard Process, MSC Member Meeting Recording and CE/OPI Credit
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