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MontanaLibrary2Go - Kindles and e-readers

How to use Libby with a Kindle Fire

At the time of this article Amazon has not included the Libby App in the Amazon App Store.

There are two alternate ways to access Libby content with a Kindle Fire.

1. The simplest way to access Libby content on a Kindle, computer or any tablet with browsing capabilities is to open the browser and navigate to This is the Libby website and will provide full access to the same Libby content provided through the app. 

2. For those who wish to avoid using the browser and would still prefer to have the Libby app it can be sideloaded with an android package file. The download link and instructions are available here:

Please note the following information and disclaimers from Overdrive: 
  1. The Libby APK is supported on Fire tablets with Fire OS 5+. Your downloading steps may vary slightly depending on your device’s generation and operating system version. 
  2. Some users may have trouble installing APKs due to device settings, available storage, or other apps running in the background. If you have trouble downloading the APK, please contact the device manufacturer for more help.
  3. OverDrive does not permit the distribution of the Libby APK on any websites other than OverDrive’s websites. Do not install any APK claiming to be from OverDrive from any website other than
  4. OverDrive is not responsible for any data loss or damage to your device that may result from downloading the Libby APK\
  5. The Libby APK is for your personal use only, and its availability is subject to change.
When a third party device like a Kindle is used to access materials we cannot guarantee that your data will not be collected by that third party. As of the date this resource was published you can learn more about the data collection policies and privacy settings for these devices at:

Using ereaders (non-tablet)

Overdrive provides guides for common ereaders and general instructions to help users with other ereaders. 


Using a Kindle ereader - Libby
Using a Kindle ereader - Sora
Sending content to a Kindle reader from your library -


General instructions for other ereaders -
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