MSC Cost Share Formula

MSC Cost Share Formula

The Montana Shared Catalog cost share formula distributes costs to participating libraries according to these percentages:

  1. Based on title (30%), circulation (10%) and patron (30%) counts that come directly from the system.
  2. The remaining 30% is divided equally among libraries.
  1. The following breaks are included:
    1. Title record break – libraries with under 10,000 titles records receive a 5,000 title break
    2. Patron record break – libraries with under 3,000 patron records will not be charged for patron records
    3. Equal share of 30% - libraries with under 8,000 title records AND under 1,000 patron records will pay a lower percentage that reduces their annual cost by about $200.  The other libraries share the remaining balance equally.
  1. Each library's opt-in service fees are added to their total annual cost.

The MSC Director prepares the annual cost share formula and submits to the MSC Executive Board for review. The Board then makes a recommendation for the membership to vote on at the annual membership budget meeting which takes place in the spring. Prior to the new fiscal year beginning in July the MSC Director coordinates the distribution of annual invoices based on the approved cost share formula. 

Please open a ticket if you have questions about the MSC cost share formula.

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