Montana History Portal - Tagging and recollections

Montana History Portal - Tagging and Recollections

This guide will explain how to tag objects and use Recollections in the Montana History Portal. 

What are tags and recollections?

Tags and recollections are features that allow users to engage with the digital objects in the Montana History Portal (Portal). Tags are small digital labels used to name individuals found within the Portal content. Recollections are similar to a moderated comment section where users can use a free text space to write memories and true stories about the people, places and things depicted within the Portal.

Tags and recollections will not show up instantly after submission. They will first need to be approved by Portal staff. Once they have been approved they will be viewable by other Portal users. 

How to use tags and recollections?

Start by logging in to the Montana History Portal at

Find the object you would like tell a story about, or tag. Once you find the one you are looking for in a search, click the thumbnail to select it to access the tagging and recollection features. 
To learn more about searching and browsing within the Portal see the Knowledge Base article titled, Searching in the Montana History Portal.

Image of Stoney Beagle Buckaroo - a small black and white picture of a beagle.

The selected object opens more information on the left and right hand sides of the screen. The right side provides details about the object and the left side lists some of the things that can be done with it. 

Image of a selected item with both left and right side bars activated for use

The left side bar includes Image Tags and Recollections.
Tags point out who someone is, while Recollections are memories or true stories. 
To choose whether or not to see the tags, simply click Show tags to toggle them on or off. 
Turning the tags off does not make them go away forever or for everyone. This feature only applies to your session.

The Show Tags section and Recollections section in in the left side bar with a red square around it.


To choose whether or not to see the tags, simply click Show tags to toggle them on or off. 

Turning the tags off does not make them go away forever or for everyone. This feature only applies to your session.

Image of search results with a red square around the Show Tags section.

Adding tags:

To add a tag click the Add button with the icon of a tag next to it.

This changes your curser into a tool to drop the tag. Hold your mouse button down and drag the tag to where you want it. Release your mouse button to leave the tag in a specific place. 
The Portal asks that if there is only one subject, or if subjects are spread out enough to do so, please try to place the tag on their forehead. 

The left side bar with a red square around the zoom feature

Using the zoom tool can help to accurately place the tags or see them better. 

When there is more than one subject to an image, we still hope you will try to place the tag on the forehead, but it is ok to use your best judgement and place the tag a bit lower or higher to find the most readable placement. 
Important note - Please only tag if you actually know who someone is. 
We do not know the real names of these puppies, but we have taken liberties for the purpose of this tutorial.
These puppy name tags have since been removed from the Portal. 

To edit, move or delete a tag, click the pencil next to the tag you want to change. This will activate the tag within the object. 

Clicking the arrows pointing in all directions will allow the tag to be repositioned. To do this, hold the mouse key down over the arrows and drag the tag to another point in the object.
Clicking the pencil on the tag within the object will reopen a text box to make updates. Clicking on the X will delete it. 

Clicking Save will complete editing actions and update the tag. 


The minus symbol (-) will collapse the Recollections section and the plus symbol (+) will expand it

To add a memory or true story about an object, click the Add button next to the icon of the speech bubble to open a text box and share your story. 

Type in your story and click Add my story to submit it.
The Portal will review all submissions and give the contributing institution an opportunity to review it before it becomes available to the public. 
Your story will appear under the Recollections section once it is approved. 

To update, change, correct, or delete your recollection, select the Edit button next to the time stamp on your recollection. 

This brings up a text box where it can be changed, along with a checkbox at the bottom to delete it.
Make sure to click the Update button to save updates and deletions. 

Now you know how to tag and add recollections within the Montana History Portal.
Thanks for helping us grow! 

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