Using the Montana History Portal site: Access and initial set up

Using the Montana History Portal site: Access and initial set up

Anyone can access the Montana History Portal site at

The Basics:
On the landing page there are navigational options along the left-hand side of the screen. 

To register with the Portal:

Click on the Login button on the side bar to  open a page for registered users to log in, or for new users to register.

To register, enter a name and an email address and click the Register button.
A confirmation window will open to explain that a new password has been sent to the email that was used for registration. 

Check the email that was used to register. The password and instructions from the Montana Memory Project should be there. An example is below.
If the email isn't there, make sure to check spam and junk folders just in case.

Follow the instructions in the email and log in with the password. 

After completing the registration process other Portal tools will become available.  
One of these is called  My Collection. This section is one of the best perks of registering for an account.
This is where registered users can save resources, create personal collections, and organize those collections for future reference and access. 

Congratulations! You have registered with the Montana Memory Project! 

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