WorkFlows - Offline Mode

WorkFlows - Offline Mode


This article and video tutorial (below) cover opening, operating in, and closing offline mode in WorkFlows. Offline mode enables checking out when network connectivity isn't cooperating. Once connectivity is restored, you can submit a ticket to have your library's offline transactions loaded and an error report run.

What to Do When WorkFlows Isn't Connecting to the Internet

  1. Open a ticket to notify MSC staff that WorkFlows isn't connecting to the internet. Please watch for system announcements via GovDelivery.
  2. Open WorkFlows in Offline Mode as described below.
  3. Once connectivity is restored, close out of Offline Mode and log back into WorkFlows like normal (see Closing Offline Mode section).
  4. Reply to your ticket to let MSC staff know that connectivity has been restored.
  5. Review the error report (if applicable) from MSC staff after they load your library's offline transactions. This report may include users not found, items already checked in, etc.
If connectivity is lost outside of normal business hours (M-F, 8am to 5pm), don't worry -- offline transactions are automatically loaded by the system nightly. MSC staff will send you an error report (if applicable) once they're back in the office. System-critical support is monitored and attended to by SirsiDynix SaaS staff, which includes 24/7 care using teams positioned globally.

Opening WorkFlows in Offline Mode

1. If WorkFlows is already open, close it.
2. Double-click the WorkFlows icon to open the configuration window.
If the configuration window doesn't appear, double-click the icon again. After the window opens, check Show this window on next startup. You can adjust this setting when WorkFlows is online by clicking Preference in the top menu, then selecting Configuration...
WorkFlows configuration window with Operate in Offline mode checked
3. Check Operate in Offline Mode. The Host information and Workstation fields will grey out.
4. Click OK. You won't be prompted for your login credentials.
5. Double-check that SirsiDynix Symphony WorkFlows: Offline Mode appears in the very top bar.

Setting Your Offline Session Settings

1. Select the Offline module.
Offline Session wizard with Set Session Settings window open
2. Under the Common Tasks drop-down, click the  Offline Session wizard. This will open the Set Session Settings window.
3. Check the Review Settings Each Session box if not checked already.
4. Select the correct u ser access and library from the drop-downs.
5. Use the gadgets to populate the current date and current time fields if they aren’t already.
6. Use the gadget to populate a default due date reflecting your most common checkout period. You can adjust this at checkout.
7. Don't do anything with Log directory.
8. Decide whether to check the Use user delinquent list file box (see below).
9. Click OK.

User Delinquent List File

The use of this setting is at the discretion of the library director and/or circulation staff.
User delinquent list file setting
The user delinquent list file is only as recent as its user status generated on date.
If Checked
Staff will see pop-ups when a user is DELINQUENT, BLOCKED, or BARRED according to the user delinquent list file; however, staff cannot search the system or resolve any of these issues while in offline mode. Only DELINQUENT users will be able to check out after the error pop-up is closed.
User is Delinquent pop-up  User is Blocked pop-up  User is Barred pop-up

If Unchecked
WorkFlows will assume all accounts are in good standing, meaning BLOCKED and BARRED users will be able to check out. Transactions on BLOCKED and BARRED accounts will load when connectivity is restored and a help desk ticket submitted. These transactions won't appear in an error report.

Checking Out

1. Open the CheckOut wizard ( Offline module > Common Tasks drop-down > CheckOut).
2. Scan/type the user’s library card.
Staff cannot search the system while in offline mode.
3. Scan/type an item ID. It will appear in the checkout list, which is sortable by column heading.
Check out window in offline mode
a. If using a scanner, check  Alt due date is correct before scanning; scanning automatically hits “enter” and checks out the item.
b. If typing, click Check Out Item To User or press Enter.
c. Once changed, the Alt due date field won't automatically revert to the session default. For example, if you set the default to four weeks in the future but changed Alt due date to check out an item due in two weeks, the checkout period will remain at two weeks until Alt due date is manually changed again using the gadget.
4. When finished with a patron, click Check Out To New User.

Renewing Items

  1. If an item already checked out to a user is charged by that user again, the item will be renewed when the transactions are uploaded to the SirsiDynix Symphony server.
  1. If an item is already checked out to a user, then checked out by another user, the item is discharged from the original user and checked out to the new user when the transactions are uploaded to the server.

Checking In

Checkin is discouraged for sharing group libraries. The system will put discharged items into transit without checking for holds and staff will be unaware of issues until MSC staff run an error report. Many libraries wait to check items in until connectivity is restored.
If you decide to check items in:
1. Open the Discharge/Checkin wizard ( Offline module > Common Tasks drop-down> Discharge/Checkin).
2. Scan/type an item ID. It will appear in the discharge list.
Check-in window in offline mode.
a. If using a scanner, check  Date of discharge is correct before scanning; scanning automatically hits “enter” and discharges the item.
b. If typing, click OK or press Enter.
c. The Date of discharge auto-populates to the current day. Change by using the gadget.
3. If you want, you can click Clear Discharge list to refresh the discharge list.
Most MSC libraries wait to register new users until after connectivity is restored because the New User Registration wizard won't check for duplicate accounts or lost cards while in offline mode.
If you decide to register new users, record the information for later comparison when connectivity is restored.

Renewing Users

Staff cannot renew users while in offline mode. Users with outdated privilege will be BLOCKED at checkout if Use user delinquent list file was selected in the Offline Session settings.

Closing Offline Mode

When network connectivity to the SirsiDynix Symphony Server is restored:
1. Close WorkFlows.
2. Double-click the WorkFlows icon.
3. Uncheck Operate in Offline Mode.
4. Double-check Show this window on next startup is selected.
5. Log in with your library’s credentials as usual.
6. Select the module you want to use.
WorkFlows will initially reopen with the Offline module selected, but the wizards are unavailable when not in offline mode.
7. Open a help desk ticket saying your library went into offline mode. MSC staff will then load your transactions and send you an error report listing users not found, items already checked in, etc.

Video Tutorial

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